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Attorney General Addresses Conflict of Interest Question Affecting Joint Powers Authorities

Posted in Ethics
The California Attorney General issued an opinion related to the rights of Joint Powers Authority (JPA) voting members which likely affects all JPAs throughout California.  The question arose where a member of the board of directors was required to recuse himself from voting on an issue because of a conflict of interest. The subject of… Continue Reading

Court Holds Corporate Consultants May be Subject to “1090” Conflict-of-Interest Prohibition

Posted in Ethics
Consultants are fixtures in the world of local government.  Engineers, architects, lawyers, and many other professionals routinely contract with local agencies to provide a wide range of services.  A recent court opinion, Davis v. Fresno Unified School District, warns the companies that employ these professionals of their potential for conflicts of interest.… Continue Reading

FPPC Amends Regulation Governing Conflicts of Interest for Public Official Businesses

Posted in Administrative Regulations, Ethics
The Fair Political Practices Commission (“FPPC”) has recently adopted a new regulation governing when public officials have conflicts of interests in businesses they own or for which they are investors. The amended regulation, which became effect in January 2015, is part of a broader FPPC program to streamline and simplify the regulations that implement the… Continue Reading

Attorney General Opinion Confirms Local Agencies Cannot Purchase Products from Companies Co-owned by Their Elected Officials

Posted in Ethics
The question is one that small local agencies often face.  What happens when the agency needs to purchase goods or services from a company that is at least partially owned by one of its elected officials?   A very recent Attorney General opinion answers this question clearly: find somewhere else to get the goods or services.… Continue Reading